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Looking Forward

5/10/17More than 13,000 students earned their diplomas this May, leaving the Penn State family more than 800,000 strong!

Third Eye

4/28/17Penn State researchers are leading the effort to create machines that can interpret a complex visual scene as much as the human brain does. The result? A wearable device that could help visually impaired people do their grocery shopping.

Cacao for Peace

3/28/17VIDEO: As Colombia emerges from 50 years of violence, Penn State experts are helping poor farmers switch from growing coca, the stuff of cocaine, to growing cacao, the principal ingredient in chocolate.

Women in Science

2/27/17Erica Smithwick, ecologist and associate professor of geography, is among four women profiled who inspire students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

Be who you are. Together.

2/1/17Be part of history. Visit allin.psu.edu to tell us what Diversity and Inclusion mean to you. What inspires you to be "All In"?

Cultivating Resistance

11/28/16A research team's genetic studies may lead to developing plants that resist parasitic weeds. The team's work ultimately could contribute to reducing crop loss.

Be the Bee

11/14/16What made these women strap on bee bonnets and venture into the world of another species? An undergraduate research project examines the sting of undervalued gender-related labor.