Media Highlights

Media Highlights


Penn State and other researchers report that honeybees in Kenya are infested with the same nasty pests and diseases that wipe out U.S. colonies, but are more resilient.


Schreyer Honors College freshman Kevin Houk, a security and risk analysis major, spoke as part of the Atlantic Council's 90-minute panel on digital currency's future.


Pennsylvania State University has named Renata Engel associate vice provost for online programs.


The nation's increasing focus on local and regional food systems, renewable energies and maintaining natural resources is leading to double-digit job growth.


With homeland security tactics always changing, Penn State is implementing changes to its online Homeland Security degree curriculum for the program’s fifth anniversary.


Scientists from Penn State claim to have developed a way to identify Twitter posts that are viral in the medical sense of the word.


The university said it raised $2.158 billion during the seven-year campaign - $158 million over its goal and the largest amount raised in school history.


By now, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! owns a small collection of the Penn State freshman Casey Saline’s cassette tape works, primarily pop-art style musician portraits.


Adults have a high rate of complications after getting their tonsils removed, so plan for adequate recuperation after surgery, say researchers including Dennis Scanlon.


Eager to start her freshman year, the new Blue Sapphire, Rachel Reiss, plans to major in French and Francophone studies, with another major in international politics.