Media Highlights

Media Highlights

  • 9/14/15

    Dr. Brenda Russell, Program Coordinator for the Criminal Justice degree and Professor of Psychology at Penn State Berks, was awarded a Penn State Schreyer Teaching Grant

  • 9/19/15

    Dr. Randall Fegley, associate professor of History and Politics at Penn State Berks and the Rwanda internship program.

  • 9/24/15

    A Penn State study of maternal messages to preschoolers about body image found that the words mothers use can have an effect on how children perceive themselves.

  • 9/23/15

    A perspective about the state of education in America utilizes research conducted by Associate Professor of Education Erica Frankenberg and her colleagues.

  • 9/21/15

    With their vast stores of personal data and expensive research, universities are prime targets for hackers looking to graduate from swiping credit card numbers.

  • 9/18/15

    Associate Professor of Education Paul Morgan explains why toddlers with a large vocabulary have higher success rates when entering school.

  • 9/18/15

    A cloak of invisibility may be common in science fiction but it is not so easy in the real world. New research suggests such a device may be moving closer to reality.

  • 9/17/15

    If an extraterrestrial civilization is advanced enough to harness the energy of its galaxy, we should be able to detect its waste heat. But searching just became harder.

  • 9/17/15

    Volvo is working with with several universities -- including Penn State -- and a waste recycling company to create a robot that will help garbage crews collect trash.

  • 9/16/15

    The idea that evolution is a methodical process with logical, continuous connections to be discovered and mapped, might set up a good story -- but it's incorrect.