Media Highlights

Media Highlights


The university said it raised $2.158 billion during the seven-year campaign - $158 million over its goal and the largest amount raised in school history.


By now, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! owns a small collection of the Penn State freshman Casey Saline’s cassette tape works, primarily pop-art style musician portraits.


Adults have a high rate of complications after getting their tonsils removed, so plan for adequate recuperation after surgery, say researchers including Dennis Scanlon.


Eager to start her freshman year, the new Blue Sapphire, Rachel Reiss, plans to major in French and Francophone studies, with another major in international politics.


Penn State astronomers and others determined, with a precision of 2 percent, that 10.8 billion years ago, the universe was expanding by 1 percent every 44 million years.


A video game created by students at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, is generating interest on Steam Greenlight, a PC-gaming website with more than 40 million users.


There are currently 18 teams competing for the $30 million prize, including several U.S. teams: Astrobotic, Moon Express, Omega Envoy and the Penn State Lunar Lion.


Infrastructure is often a casualty of disaster. It’s a problem that’s becoming all too common, in the U.S. and abroad. Penn State students have a solution: Apparatus X.


According to a team of from Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, benefits offered by cover crops cross more than 10 ecosystem services.


Geriatric psychologist Steven Zarit has led research on caregiver stress for years. Predictable caregiving breaks, his team's research has shown, is important.