Media Highlights

Media Highlights

  • 5/18/14

    If we don’t swallow a dose of reality soon, the prognosis is grim. “Each degree of warming costs more than the previous one,” notes Penn State glaciologist Richard Alley.

  • 5/13/14

    Penn State's World Campus offers a free eight-week-long course for prospective students curious about whether they are prepared for online learning.

  • 5/19/14

    A Penn State study is examining ways that electric, thermal and magnetic fields can be used to transform flat material into complex 3-D shapes.

  • 5/19/14

    Kathryn Jablokow, Penn State Great Valley associate professor, says MOOCs can yield valuable information about how students learn and may change the role of the teacher.

  • 5/14/14

    A team of Penn State students nabbed first place at the inaugural U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Collegiate Wind Competition May 5 to 7.

  • 5/14/14

    Here in Whatcom County it often seems like we're drowning in water. Nearly a yard of rain falls on us annually. We're surrounded by lakes, streams, rivers and salt water.

  • 5/12/14

    Pennsylvania State University has 16,000 students enrolled in its online World Campus. In the next decade, the university wants that number to rise to 45,000.

  • 5/11/14

    We asked three experts to weigh in on the role MOOCs could play in the future of higher education, and how MOOCs might change the way we think about college.

  • 5/15/14

    Co-author Douglas Kennett, environmental archaeologist, and his team studied teeth of newly discovered skeleton "Naia" to help determine her age and genetic connections.

  • 5/16/14

    Penn State psychologist Janet Swim, who studies climate change communication, says reform solutions at the Goldilocks scale — viable and credible — have the best chance.