Media Highlights

Media Highlights


Penn State World Campus faculty and staff members will get a chance to meet face to face at the third annual World Campus Faculty Convocation.


Jennie Noll, director of research and education for the study and prevention of child abuse, is one of five experts Penn State has hired, with at least nine more to come.


Strictly by the numbers, Penn State offensive guard John Urschel is exceptional. But another set of numbers elevate him to unique in the world of college football.


Although a university-based team might seem to be at a disadvantage to commercial teams, the Lunar Lion team has achieved several milestones in recent months.


Penn State economists say Pennsylvania's workforce has seen a marked shift from higher- to lower-paying jobs, a trend that could have serious implications for the state.


Students interested in business and entrepreneurship at Penn State will be given several opportunities to engage with other entrepreneurial students.


An unusual combination of greenhouse gases on Mars 3.8 million years ago may have made the Red Planet warm enough for water to flow, Penn State researchers say.


A new Commonwealth Scholars program will provide a $20,000 annual tuition grant to any Pennsylvania resident who otherwise qualifies for admission to Penn State Law.


Penn State studies showed that eating an appetizer of soup, salad or even an apple can reduce total calorie intake over the course of the meal by up to 20 percent.


For 3-1/2 years, education senior Matt Freeman — six times a world champion — has dazzled crowds at Beaver Stadium as feature twirler for the Penn State Blue Band.