Media Highlights

Media Highlights

  • 9/16/14

    The University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) has partnered with Penn State World Campus, the online campus of The Pennsylvania State University.

  • 9/23/14

    Penn State Public Media has won a Mid-Atlantic Emmy award for individual achievement from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

  • 9/19/14

    With help from the Penn State SBDC, a sophomore duo kicked off mySTATE, a navigational app on Apple’s iOS.

  • 9/23/14

    Penn State students can access a research project calculator that breaks a project into steps, provides useful resources and helps them navigate the research process.

  • 9/24/14

    Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner, a Penn State Hershey public health preparedness expert who recently trained healthcare workers in Nigeria, discusses potential Ebola issues.

  • 9/22/14

    Professor Richard Alley says carbon dioxide, while necessary for life, “is a pothole for the infrared radiation going out from the earth” and is best in moderation.

  • 9/19/14

    As an invested stakeholder in the McKeesport community, Penn State Greater Allegheny hosted two events on Thursday to gather data for the city's new comprehensive plan.

  • 9/21/14

    International researchers led by Thomas Baker and Akhlesh Lakhtakia built a meticulous emerald ash borer decoy to stun or kill mating males and slow the beetle's damage.

  • 9/18/14

    In a recent paper, Donald Hambrick, Vilmos Misangyi and Chuljin Park suggest good board directors have four qualities: independence, expertise, bandwidth and motivation.

  • 9/17/14

    Pete Hatemi's newly published research suggests that liberals and conservatives smell differently and that each prefers the smell of those who are ideologically similar.