Media Highlights

Media Highlights


Penn State adult undergraduate students are invited to attend the second annual Adult Student Leadership and Career Networking Event on Nov. 25.


Penn State is now pushing a fundraising effort to offer increased scholarships for military students.


Penn State’s Visual Emissions Training Program helps businesses meet pollution regulation standards set by the state.


Penn State's research on consuming fewer calories by eating a broth-based vegetable soup; large, low-cal, lettuce-based salad; or apple before a meal could work for kids.


Among national universities, Penn State University Park placed No. 1. Office of Veterans Programs Director Brian Clark says veterans' experience is a long-held priority.


Nutritionist Penny Kris-Etherton notes consumption of trans fat can have many adverse health events, including increasing "bad" LDL cholesterol and decreasing "good" HDL.


Biologist Tracy Langkilde and Lindsey Swierk, a graduate student in her lab, found that the sex lives of fence lizards are more complicated than you might think.


Michael Donovan, grad. student in geosciences, and Peter Wilf, prof. of geosciences, presented research supporting a Patagonian biodiversity refugium at GSA meeting.


Peter Wilf, prof. of geosciences, was interviewed by Take Two (KPCC radio 89.3) about his team's 52.2-million-year-old tomatillo discovery in Laguna del Hunco, Argentina.


The "master of the modern thriller" and creator of Rambo via his debut novel, "First Blood," notes his Penn State graduate studies in an interview with Mark Rubenstein.