Media Highlights

Media Highlights


Orfeu Marcello Buxton, neuroscientist, assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and associate professor at Penn State, studies chronic sleep deficiency and disease.


Now a freshman at Penn State, Kevin Houk hopes to become a cyberwarrior, someday protecting corporate or national assets and information from foreign invaders or hackers.


Pennfoot, a device invented by Penn State researchers to measure traction between shoe and surface, helps groundskeepers and sports teams minimize injury.


If you think of the human genome as a book, says Scott Selleck, changes in whole words or paragraphs might play a bigger role in autism than typos in individual letters.


Kathleen Keller has studied food branding and eating habits at Penn State. She says parents should explain how advertising works to children.


S. Shyam Sundar, a director of the Media Effects Research Lab, says Twitter is "unsurpassed" with text use, but behind competitors in use of pictures and videos.


An article speculating on how the government shutdown could soon affect the SEC quotes Smeal College of Business' Tim Pollock, Farrell Professor of Entrepreneurship.


Carrie Robbins, Penn State alumna and longtime costume designer for shows on and off Broadway, shared career stor with Penn State York students and local schoolchildren.


The BBC interviewed Peter Capelotti, Penn State Abington associate professor of anthropology and expert on the history of polar exploration, about Benjamin Leigh Smith.


Sea ice loss in the arctic may be causing fewer caribou calf births and higher calf mortality in Greenland, Penn State scientists say.