Media Highlights

Media Highlights


Professor Barbara Rolls believes we mustn't just think about food in terms of volume, but also of density. We need, she believes, to think about calories per bite.


The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust announces the opening of the visual art exhibition Digital Hand, made possible by The Penn State Center Pittsburgh.


There are 24 campuses in the Penn State system. The one that gets the most attention is University Park, but what about the other 23?


Penn State will host its first Engaged Scholarship Symposium today, which will feature a panel of experts and students.


While Penn State won a fourth consecutive team title, the feel-good story of the NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships at Chesapeake Energy Arena was James English.


In today's Academic Minute, Peter Wilf, professor of geosciences at Penn State, traces the path of conifer fossils from New Zealand to Argentina.


What if you could create a mugshot of a criminal using only a single strand of hair left behind at the crime scene? Thanks to new research, we're getting closer to that.


A study co-authored by Professor Lonnie Golden of Penn State Abington found that only one in five companies offered more than one approach to workplace flexibility.


Food scientist Joshua Lambert says research experiments are critical to figuring out "the missing link" among blood compounds that makes eating chocolate heart-healthy.


During the fall semester, Penn State student Stephanie Wain balanced her 23-credit load with acting in and directing her independent film, "Stones We Throw."