Media Highlights

Media Highlights


Headline by Michael Mann, director, Earth Systems Science Center ( former IPCC author himself): "Jury In: Climate Change Real, Caused by Us and Threat We Must Deal With."


David Kaye, a distinguished professor of law at Penn State, said the identification skills of super recognizers might be analogous to those of sniffer dogs.


Companies that want to keep employees on the forefront of emerging technologies and new skill sets can now choose to align with Penn State World Campus.


The program allows employees of partnering businesses an online and in-person education, and tuition reimbursement as part of their employer’s benefit packages.


Flynt Leverett, a professor of international affairs, joined an expert panel hosted by Judy Woodruff to discuss how senior diplomats should approach Iranian talks.


Penn State biologists are among a team that discovered where a protein binds to plant cell walls, a process that makes it possible for plants to grow.


Ed Ketz, associate professor of accounting, talks about Twitter's secretive IPO announcement.


For the first time, scientists have discovered an estuary beneath Antarctica's ice sheet, says Richard Alley, glaciologist and co-author of a study reporting the find.


The College of Medicine has been named a Tobacco Center for Regulatory Science, one of only 14 centers nationwide, to train new scientists and evaluate health effects.


Angela Brant, a postdoctoral fellow in psychology, has come up with a new insight into a critical period in brain development among some high-IQ children as they mature.