Media Highlights

Media Highlights


Independent (meaning trusted by beekeepers) Penn State researchers conclude that the pyrethroid insecticides overall pose far more potential for harm to bees.


Can sleep debt never be paid back? Not at all, said Alexandros Vgontzas, director of the sleep research and treatment center, Penn State. But it may take longer.


For the first time, the spouses of military members will be eligible for grant money from Penn State’s World Campus to reduce their costs of tuition.


The return of house flipping can signal a normalizing housing market, says Austin Jaffe, chair of the Department of Risk Management.


An article examining pros and cons of 'retail therapy' quotes Meg Meloy, associate professor of marketing, who says that shopping can be an outlet for negative emotions.


Penn State held its Archaeological Field School — a program where students learn how to excavate an archaeological site located at Fort Shirley in Huntington County.


A new World Campus masters program will help provide more knowledge about renewable energy and sustainability systems to professionals working in the field.


Penn State Public Media is partnering with more than 400 public radio and television stations across the country to sustain federal funding for public media.


The university is extending tuition grants to military spouses who attend Penn State's World Campus.


Former Australian diplomat Richard Butler was the United Nations chief weapons inspector in Iraq. Now a professor at Penn State, he spoke with its leading news host.