Media Highlights

Media Highlights


U.S. and U.K. researchers including two Penn State faculty were awarded more than $12 million for research to revolutionize farming without using artificial fertilizers.


Three Penn State faculty and a doctoral graduate have devised and patented a system that merges human and computer intelligence to aid decisions in crisis situations.


The latest project of GDELT, an automated database developed with Penn State researchers, gives a vivid picture of one of Egypt's most chaotic weeks.


Andrea Zaenglein, dermatology and pediatrics professor at Penn State Hershey Medical Center, offers tips, says doctors can check whether a child has a hormonal imbalance.


"Individuals whose sleep is affected by their partner's pain are at risk for physical and psychiatric problems," said lead study investigator Lynn Martire of Penn State.


Penn State's online programs make it possible to earn advanced degrees without setting foot on campus.


Penn State's recyclables are marketed as feedstock for industry or sold at venues, and revenue is dedicated to student scholarships and charitable donations.


Female white-collar crooks face the same glass ceiling as their law-abiding peers in the corporate world, according to research by sociologist Darrell J. Steffensmeier.


Political scientist Peter Hatemi has written a forthcoming study that indicates political inclinations are deeply rooted — all the way down to the sensory level.


The world's first plasmofluidic lens, created by a team including three Penn State researchers, could rev­o­lu­tionize high-tech devices from microscopes to computers.