Media Highlights

Media Highlights


Born July 15, 1913, to Swiss parents, former Penn State coach Gene Wettstone holds the record for NCAA men’s team championships by a single coach (9).


Human-like robots are increasingly loved if they take good care of their owners, a new study suggests.


In the wake of an epidemic fungal disease, experts say little brown bats should be handled tenderly.


For the faculty members of a new free online course, creativity and innovation aren't just the purview of artists, musicians or designers.


Millions of Americans are furthering their educations — whether at the bachelor's or master's level — from the comfort of their own homes.


LER’s World Campus master’s degree in HR and employment relations is designed for working practitioners and has an enrollment of more than 600 part-time students.


Thanks to a Penn State professor of mechanical engineering (Gary Koopmann), it is now possible to hear what the Liberty Bell might have sounded like.


Based on 90-year-old formula: In 1975, Philip Keeney of the Berkey Creamery adapted the ice cream base for home cooks; eggs were left out because of food safety concerns.


Psychologist Frederick Brown's study suggests that a “lark” versus “owl” tendency, whether by nature or nurture, seems to influence students’ choice of college major.


Even 150 years after the battle, many modern historians think its significance has been overstated, according to Carol Reardon, Gettysburg expert, professor and author.