Media Highlights

Media Highlights


Penn State geophysicist Chris Marone weighed in on a study's long-term monitoring of faults healing as a series of fascinating puzzles for scientists to solve.


David Hughes, assistant professor of entomology and biology, served as a scientific consultant on the film "World War Z" to share science with as many people as possible.


Put down the coffee, back away from energy drinks. Recent research from the Penn State College of Medicine found that increased carb intake results in all-day alertness.


Thanks to Penn State acoustics engineer Daniel Russell, the unpleasant jolt from hitting a baseball from the wrong part of the bat could become a relic of the past.


Previous studies have looked at disparities between African-American and white children, but this is the first study to look at a larger array of minority groups.


"State College, Pennsylvania (Penn State)" is listed as America's No. 2 "brainiest metro" in the United States, in an analysis based on Lumosity brain-training data.


The Supreme Court has raised new hurdles for plaintiffs who claim they're victims of bias and say companies retaliated. Penn State Law's Michael Foreman weighed in.


New analysis by Paul Morgan, associate professor of education,finds that racial and ethnic disparities in ADHD diagnosis occur by kindergarten and continue for years.


Susan McHale, professor of human development, explains that your self-image is shaped at least in part by how you compare to your siblings.


The "Meet the Birds of Prey" Program is one of the most popular educational programs at Shaver's Creek Environmental Center.