Media Highlights

Media Highlights


The Supreme Court has raised new hurdles for plaintiffs who claim they're victims of bias and say companies retaliated. Penn State Law's Michael Foreman weighed in.


Susan McHale, professor of human development, explains that your self-image is shaped at least in part by how you compare to your siblings.


New analysis by Paul Morgan, associate professor of education,finds that racial and ethnic disparities in ADHD diagnosis occur by kindergarten and continue for years.


The "Meet the Birds of Prey" Program is one of the most popular educational programs at Shaver's Creek Environmental Center.


The 29th annual Kyoto Prize laureates, three Americans continuing to work well into their 80s, include Masatoshi Nei, evolutionary biologist and Evan Pugh professor.


Hughes' zombie ants expertise made him uniquely qualified to consult for the movie and a new, unrelated video game based on his research, called "The Last of Us."


Students and faculty members will work closely with SKF Aerospace technology and product development teams to develop both applied research initiatives and future talent.


Penn State scientists have developed a new, timesaving technique that involves using sound waves to place nanowires in repeatable patterns for use in nanoscale circuits.


Various small businesses will take part in the Penn State Extension/Small Business Development Center Social Media Boot Camp on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Education is the backbone of State College ... home to one of the nation’s top-rated universities, Penn State. For retirees, the university offers plenty of perks.