Media Highlights

Media Highlights


Research by Margaret Meloy, associate professor of marketing, shows that modest retail therapy may in fact improve mood, as long as spending doesn't turn extreme.


Penn State researchers investigated the link between personality traits and affinity for spicy food. They found that “sensation seekers” were more enthusiastic for heat.


A new version of solar cells created by laboratories at Rice and Pennsylvania State universities could open the door to research on a new class of solar energy devices.


Penn State's interest in flexible and printed electronics is not just theoretical. In October 2011, the University began a multi-year research project with Dow Chemical.


Astronomers at NASA and Penn State have used the SWIFT satellite's ultraviolet observation capabilities to map two of our closest Galactic neighbors.


On Penn State land and other orchards, volunteers are helping the American Chestnut Foundation’s efforts to breed American chestnut hybrids resistant to a fatal blight.


The Supreme Court says police may collect DNA samples during arrests to help solve old cases. Penn State Law's David Kaye, who submitted an amicus brief, weighs in.


A new class of antibiotics is being developed by Professor Kenneth Keiler at Penn State to target drug-resistant bacteria in a completely new way.


Just how real is virtual reality? A Penn State Media Effects Lab study on avatars in a virtual environment examines the extent that we can fuse with customized versions.


Researchers have found a faster method of identifying Salmonella strains, which could help health officials discover sooner the source of food-poisoning outbreaks.