Media Highlights

Media Highlights


Sarah Damaske, assistant professor of labor studies and employment relations and sociology, said women not in the labor force were likelier to start out disadvantaged.


Penn State's World Campus is among the online education options many service members take advantage of when they want to learn, but cannot attend on-campus classes.


Study researcher Carlos Garrido, a Penn State social psychology doctoral student, says facial wrinkles may be misperceived as anger or sadness.


Penn State researchers found that college students were more likely to exercise and eat fresh fruits and vegetables on days that they had more communication with parents.


Dan Shapiro, professor of psychiatry at Penn State and a cancer survivor, is the author of a new book, “And in Health: A Guide for Couples Facing Cancer Together.”


GM said Penn State was named this year’s winner after impressing inspectors and other judges representing various EcoCAR 2 sponsors with its ethanol (E85) plug-in hybrid.


"The clays, and the friction behavior of the clays [in sediments], seem to be an important part of the story," said study researcher Demian Saffer, Penn State geologist.


Getting into the visual arts program at Penn State can be a complicated proposition. That's why the university has just unveiled an innovative arts camp program.


Penn State SBDC client Dr. Wei-Shin Lai, CEO of AcousticSheep, was honored as the recipient of the Governor’s 2013 Entrepreneur ImPAct Award.


Rob Frieden, professor of telecommunications and law, says Japan's SoftBank addresses concerns about purchase of Sprint by offering U.S. government a Sprint board seat.