Media Highlights

Media Highlights


Major governance changes that Penn State’s Board of Trustees approved this month are likely to improve the University’s creditworthiness, according to a Moody's report.


Amid growing scientific proof that global warming is man-made, article looks at why the public gives credence to the skeptics, quoting Penn State's Michael Mann.


WTAJ News attended the Central Pennsylvania Regional Career Fair to see what was out there for job seekers.


A Penn State study concluded that students were 14 percent likelier to eat fruits and veggies and 50 percent more likely to exercise on days when they called mom and dad.


A proposed rule would require most leases to be treated on the books as debt. Edward Ketz, associate professor of accounting, weighs in on the proposal.


The sixth annual Central Pennsylvania Regional Career Fair takes place from 2 to 5 p.m. Friday, May 17, at The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel in Innovation Park.


Maria Baker, genetic counselor at Penn State Hershey Medical Center, says we all have the breast cancer gene in our bodies. When that gene mutates, you're in trouble.


Marines Protect Endangered Species: An army of biologists, including Penn State Ph.D. student Christina Aiello, USGS scientist, are on nature patrol at military bases.


Op-ed cites Michael J. Parks' study, published online in March in the journal Aggressive Behavior, which showed bystanders are likely to intervene when others need help.


Penn State climate scientist Richard Alley comments on the consequences of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels surpassing an average daily level of 400 parts per million.