Media Highlights

Media Highlights


Penn State biologist Blair Hedges has studied frogs in the Caribbean since the 1980s and is quoted among researchers who have noticed disappearing species in the region.


Reviewer says Penn State's production was undoubtedly one of the finer full versions undertaken of this almost impossibly difficult work.


Meteorology professor Jose Fuentes and undergraduate John Zenker's research finds ozone gets in the way of insects finding their favorite food.


Penn State World Campus' executive director writes that open online courses may not solve fundamental challenges, but explains how online higher education succeeds.


USA Today highlights Penn State's Ice Cream Short Course, which is dubbed "Cow to Cone."


Models have been established at schools such as the College of Medicine, where experienced faculty help push breakthroughs toward market-ready products and services.


People exposed to too many positive messages on Twitter reacted against them, according to Penn State researchers who tracked about 350,000 H1N1 tweets in 2009.


The sooner a person smokes a cigarette upon waking in the morning, the more likely he or she is to acquire lung or oral cancer, according to Penn State researchers.


For-profit online education isn’t the only place where students can find quality distance learning courses and programs. Penn State's World Campus is growing.


Penn State held a symposium on school safety that featured local experts discussing the topic.