Media Highlights

Media Highlights


THE's World Reputation Rankings 2014 employ the world's largest invitation-only academic opinion survey to provide the definitive list of the top 100 university brands.


Penn State announced on Tuesday that it would conduct an online auction for licenses to about 70 engineering patents in areas such as acoustics, fuel cells and sensors.


A College of Medicine study found that women who exercised less during pregnancy and said they "ate for two" were more likely to gain more weight than recommended.


Astronomers at Penn State have reported detecting water in the atmosphere of a planet as massive as Jupiter orbiting the nearby star tau Bootis.


Penn State's method of paying local bars to close is not a panacea for alcohol abuse by students. But it shows how schools are trying new ways to end binge drinking.


Penn State's College of Medicine is adding a new program in a fast-growing health field. Thirty students begin studies this spring in the physician assistant program.


Lead study author Logan Kistler, a postdoctoral fellow in anthropological genomics, has determined that an American bottle gourd species originated in Africa, not Asia.


As featured in the "America Strong" video segment, 15,000 students at Penn State defied exhaustion to help a lot of deserving children.


The following interview is with James Osborn, a Marine Corps veteran and student at Penn State University.


San Antonio is one of four cities featured in “Water Blues, Green Solutions,” a film produced by Pennsylvania State University's Public Media.