Media Highlights

Media Highlights

  • 9/8/13

    Anthropology major Bethany Greene traveled back in time more than 300 years when she took part in Penn State’s Archeological Field School dig at Fort Shirley.

  • 9/10/13

    Polls suggest Americans are largely opposed to military strikes in Syria. A sampling of views includes Emily Reddy of WPSU-FM, who talks to people at University Park.

  • 9/10/13

    Penn State and a pair of small liberal arts colleges in California made some of the biggest gains this year in the U.S. News & World Report annual rankings.

  • 9/9/13

    Penn State researchers have unearthed the cranium of a fossil ape (Lufengpithecus) from Shuitangba, a Miocene site in Yunnan Province located in China.

  • 9/5/13

    Anthropologist Nina Jablonski is teaching “Primatology” this year as she re-tools her famous class, “Skin,” to be offered again next fall. (Story links to her TED talk.)

  • 9/4/13

    "As real data accumulates, shale decisions rely less on predictions" says the granddaddy of shale economic studies in this region is Penn State's "The Emerging Giant."

  • 9/3/13

    We can expect even "a fourfold increase in parts of the Sierra Nevada and California" in fire activity for the rest of this century, said Penn State's Matthew Hurteau.

  • 8/30/13

    Chemists and bioengineers at Penn State and Boston University report the energy to power nanoparticles and send them rushing toward the crack is taken from ... the crack.

  • 9/2/13

    Independent (meaning trusted by beekeepers) Penn State researchers conclude that the pyrethroid insecticides overall pose far more potential for harm to bees.

  • 9/2/13

    Can sleep debt never be paid back? Not at all, said Alexandros Vgontzas, director of the sleep research and treatment center, Penn State. But it may take longer.