Media Highlights

Media Highlights

  • 3/19/13

    John Hayes, Penn State professor of food science and lead author of a 2010 study showing supertasters' preference for salt, is among researchers who discuss supertasters.

  • 3/18/13

    Penn State researchers studied college-age women who were concerned about their eating behaviors and discovered that moods worsened after bouts of disordered eating.

  • 3/14/13

    A controversy over a plant in Indonesia and its workers has prompted Penn State to temporarily suspend its licensing contract with German sports apparel giant Adidas.

  • 3/14/13

    South African Gabeba Baderoon, Penn State assistant professor of women's studies and African and African American studies, offers global political awareness in her work.

  • 3/13/13

    Children who have autism may be at greater risk for thinking about or attempting suicide than children without the condition, according to a new Penn State study.

  • 3/12/13

    Among all 50 state "flagship" schools, typically the state's most prestigious public university, Penn State ranks high for grads earning the highest starting salaries.

  • 3/11/13

    Penn State astronomy and astrophysics professor Kevin Luhman has discovered a pair of brown dwarf stars that makes up the third-closest star system to the sun.

  • 3/7/13

    Penn State entomologists Greg Krawczyk and David Biddinger update efforts to control the brown marmorated stink bug, a serious agricultural pest and homeowner nuisance.

  • 3/11/13

    Over the next three years Penn State is hiring a dozen faculty whose work focuses on child abuse through cutting-edge research, clinical treatment and public education.

  • 3/8/13

    A team of astronomers including Penn State's Howard Bond have determined that the so-called Methuselah Star, while still ancient, is not as old as once thought.