Media Highlights

Media Highlights

  • 6/25/14

    Understanding how a virus (AAV2) kills cancer cells may lead to new treatments for breast cancer, according to Penn State College of Medicine researchers.

  • 6/23/14

    On the heels of its Advanced Weather Camp for 11th- and 12th-graders, Penn State’s meteorology department is holding the camp for youth interested in meteorology.

  • 6/21/14

    A "completely different way to see the Penn State campus and downtown area,” the Arts Festival will welcome 100,000 visitors including Penn State alumni July 9-13.

  • 6/20/14

    This week, 2014 THON Executive Director Ryan Patrick joined the likes of Walter Cronkite and Steve Jobs as the recipient of a national Jefferson Award for public service.

  • 6/18/14

    Penn State alumna Caitlyn Hess intends to redefine the shoe industry by bringing together design, luxury and personal expression while changing people's lives.

  • 6/18/14

    Creating a secure password is straightforward and simple, though the results should be the opposite, according to Penn State IT security manager Jim Mooney.

  • 6/16/14

    Professor of International Affairs and Middle East specialist Flynt Leverett and co-authors say Washington has a chance to work together to engage Iran pragmatically.

  • 6/16/14

    Porter's original orchestrations were discovered in Fred Waring's archive at Penn State and music was also uncovered for two more songs and a tune that had no lyrics.

  • 6/14/14

    Donald C. Hambrick, a Penn State management professor who has studied lengthy exec tenures, says Marriott is hedging a bit to make sure his successor lands on his feet.

  • 6/13/14

    The Times' editorial cites a 2011 Penn State study conducted for the government that shows that the risk of accidents is greatest during the 11th hour of driving.