Media Highlights

Media Highlights

  • 3/6/14

    Peter Dendle, a professor who has written extensively about folklore and cryptozoology, says searching for animals not recognized by science offers wonder in the unknown.

  • 3/11/14

    Fortune notes that Penn State jumped 13 places to No. 51, after tying at No. 64 last year with several other law schools.

  • 3/6/14

    Penn State Schuylkill psychology professor Helen Hendy's food journal study found that the link between foods and moods played out over a period of two days.

  • 3/5/14

    THE's World Reputation Rankings 2014 employ the world's largest invitation-only academic opinion survey to provide the definitive list of the top 100 university brands.

  • 3/4/14

    Penn State announced on Tuesday that it would conduct an online auction for licenses to about 70 engineering patents in areas such as acoustics, fuel cells and sensors.

  • 3/3/14

    A College of Medicine study found that women who exercised less during pregnancy and said they "ate for two" were more likely to gain more weight than recommended.

  • 2/25/14

    Astronomers at Penn State have reported detecting water in the atmosphere of a planet as massive as Jupiter orbiting the nearby star tau Bootis.

  • 2/28/14

    Penn State's method of paying local bars to close is not a panacea for alcohol abuse by students. But it shows how schools are trying new ways to end binge drinking.

  • 2/25/14

    Penn State's College of Medicine is adding a new program in a fast-growing health field. Thirty students begin studies this spring in the physician assistant program.

  • 2/24/14

    Lead study author Logan Kistler, a postdoctoral fellow in anthropological genomics, has determined that an American bottle gourd species originated in Africa, not Asia.