Media Highlights

Media Highlights

  • 3/8/13

    A team of astronomers including Penn State's Howard Bond have determined that the so-called Methuselah Star, while still ancient, is not as old as once thought.

  • 3/6/13

    Penn State Brandywine researcher Jennifer Zosh's study finds that when kids figure out a new object's name for themselves, they're more likely to remember the word.

  • 3/7/13

    A California couple -- alumnus Tom Lucas and wife Nicki -- has donated $1 million to Penn State's department of industrial engineering to create an endowed professorship.

  • 3/2/13

    Students in the Smeal College of Business course Analyzing Business and Industry have partnered with Poverty Resolutions to raise money to fund projects in Haiti.

  • 3/5/13

    Climate scientists including Penn State's Michael Mann say carbon dioxide rates have grown faster than worst-case scenarios, so its harmful effects will occur sooner.

  • 3/4/13

    Sanjay Gupta's health blog notes Penn State Hershey pediatrician Ian Paul's team's study, which found postpartum anxiety is more common than depression in new mothers.

  • 3/2/13

    Op-ed co-authored by Evan Pugh Professor of Physics Moses Chan, who served on the National Research Council committee that wrote "Selling the Nation's Helium Reserve."

  • 3/3/13

    An article on the history of climate change since Holocene era, noting early agriculture's effects from deforestation, quotes Penn State climate expert Richard Alley.

  • 3/3/13

    USA Today's debut issue of The Best Health and Fitness Tips notes Penn State nutrition professor Barbara Rolls' Volumetrics Diet as the best high-volume diet.

  • 3/1/13

    Penn State College of Medicine researchers Khai C. Ang and Keith Cheng are studying skin pigmentation to learn which genes make a difference by testing them in zebrafish.