Media Highlights

Media Highlights

  • 9/9/14

    Study findings by Karen Gasper and Brianna Middlewood suggest that boredom boosts creativity because of how people prefer to alleviate it.

  • 9/7/14

    Arpita Roy, an astronomy and astrophysics doctoral student, discusses the the moon's orbit of the Earth. She authored a recent report on the lunar view we see on Earth.

  • 9/3/14

    Courtney Young, Penn State Greater Allegheny librarian and president of the American Library Association, notes how tech is changing libraries' costs, layout, services.

  • 9/8/14

    Psychologist David Rosenbaum discusses "precrastination," a term he coined to describe those who jump directly into the task at hand, sometimes to their detriment.

  • 9/4/14

    Professor Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia, who has written extensively about executive powers in immigration law, explains why the president has authority to defer deportations.

  • 9/4/14

    DUBLIN — Immediately upon disembarking from their plane, football fans see signs advertising Penn State's World Campus offerings online.

  • 8/19/14

    Penn State’s World Campus is making online education accessible to students with disabilities. Almost 200 World Campus students require some sort of accommodation.

  • 8/13/14

    Shaver’s Creek Slithering Snake Show as one of about 480 exhibitors at Ag Progress Days, the state’s largest outdoor agricultural exposition.

  • 8/7/14

    Amiris DiPuglia didn’t put much effort into finding out “why” after her first child was diagnosed with autism.

  • 9/2/14

    Sociologist Molly Martin said there is a unique opportunity to compare gas drilling's impacts in northeastern Pennsylvania towns against New York towns with no drilling.