Media Highlights

Media Highlights


Stam Zervanos, professor emeritus of biology, still conducts research about groundhogs. He shares several facts about them in advance of Groundhog Day.


A sponge-like crystal created by chemists at the University at Buffalo and Penn State Hazleton contains pores that change shape when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light.


A rise in wildfires from climate change in the drought-plagued U.S. West may significantly degrade air quality and create health problems, Penn State researchers say.


A new interactive documentary film project explores how cities around the country, including San Antonio, are finding innovative solutions to water problems.


Researchers are working on a solid understanding of energy crops and their densification behavior, which could remove guesswork in creating quality energy pellets.


The State Department is expanding its program to offer MOOC access and group support to a growing number of international students.


Business Management Daily’s editors have chosen their top five favorite schools that offer online degrees or certificate programs in HR.


Nobel Peace Prize winner Richard Alley is instructing students on six continents about energy uses and their impact on the world while never leaving State College.


Labor historian Alan Derickson's book is titled "Dangerously Sleepy" because of implications for our health, and perils that occur when sleep-deprived people err.


Hockey players are often lauded for their selflessness and team-first mentality. Penn State sophomore forward David Glen is taking it to a whole new level, though.