Other Voices

Other Voices

  • 3/22/16

    Hester Blum, professor of English at Penn State, examines what polar ecomedia -- writing about and produced in the polar regions -- might teach us today.

  • 3/4/16

    Barry Bram, State College resident and parent of a Schreyer Scholar, was happy his son proved that he was smarter, especially when deciding on Penn State for college.

  • 2/21/16

    President Eric Barron joined the presidents of Pitt, Temple and Lincoln universities in writing an op-ed about the state's failure to fund the four state-related schools.

  • 2/11/16

    Chad Hanna, LIGO scientist and assistant professor of physics, writes about making a discovery that will change the way researchers study the universe.

  • 2/10/16

    Seth Blumsack, associate professor of energy and mineral engineering, asks: Is rooftop solar power good for the grid, or bad for the grid?

  • 2/1/16

    Professor of History and Environmental Studies Brian C. Black says environmental issues – particularly climate change – may be more politicized than ever before in 2016.

  • 1/29/16

    Professor Seth Blumsack discusses the Supreme Court's decision to uphold a controversial energy conservation rule from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

  • 1/8/16

    Ryan Russell, professor of graphic design, talks about how Pantone's break from tradition may challenge "cultural and gender norms" in the design of everything.

  • 12/18/15

    Carla D. Pratt of the Dickinson School of Law notes that student voices are important but we should be cautious using student evaluations to make employment decisions.

  • 12/15/15

    John Affleck, Knight Chair in Sports Journalism and Society, explains why it makes sense to use sports as a tool to build closer diplomatic and economic ties.