Senate Policy:  12-30, Baccalaureate Degree Candidate

Senate Policy:  12-70, Associate Degree Candidate


  1. Students seeking a change from nondegree status to degree status need to complete the web application for undergraduate admission found at http://admissions.psu.edu/apply/. It is recommended that the completed application, with complete credentials, be submitted at least one semester in advance of the semester for which the student desires to make the change in status.
  1. A nonrefundable application fee must accompany the application.
  1. Complete credentials are (a) a secondary school record including grades and evidence of graduation [a Secondary School Equivalency Diploma (GED) is accepted as equivalent]; (b) the required combination of Carnegie units for entrance into the desired programs; and (c) an official transcript from each college or university previously attended. Transcripts must be sent directly from the registrar of each college or university attended to the admissions office. Credit courses taken at other accredited colleges or universities are evaluated and credited towards a degree program as specified in Senate Policies 42-80 and 42-90.
  1. An applicant is usually admitted as a degree candidate at the location where credit courses were taken as a nondegree student.
  1. A semester classification is assigned when a student is admitted as a degree candidate in accordance with the policies and procedures of Senate Policy 37-70. (Ref: Senate Policies 12-00 and 18-00)

Senate Policy:  12-30, Baccalaureate Degree Candidate

Senate Policy:  12-70, Associate Degree Candidate


Approved: ACUI (4-29-76)

Revised: ACUI (4-8-82)

Revised: ACUE (7-26-96)

Revised: Editorial (3-13-03)

Revised: Editorial (12-12-11)

Revised: ACUE (9-4-14)

The University may make changes in policies, procedures, educational offerings, and requirements at any time. Please consult a Penn State academic adviser for more detailed information. Penn State is an affirmative action, equal opportunity university.