Students are generally expected to attend the commencement ceremony at the College location of their major. This policy is for students who have completed the requirements for a baccalaureate degree and who have been certified for graduation by the appropriate faculty within their College. If a student desires to attend the graduation exercises and be recognized at another location, the student must immediately inform the Graduation Coordinator in the Dean's Office of the College granting them the degree. World Campus students should identify a commencement location by contacting the World Campus office. Ample notice must be given in advance of the date of the graduation exercises, preferably at the beginning of the semester in which the commencement is to occur, but no later than the end of the eleventh week of the semester the student is graduating. Early notice is important to allow for the inclusion of the student's name in the appropriate commencement program. Inclusion of the student's name in the commencement program cannot be absolutely guaranteed, as there are different timing concerns at the various Colleges.  If the student's request is granted, more information regarding the commencement program may be obtained from the Graduation Coordinator in the College Dean's Office of the ceremony. In general, this policy is applicable for all commencements—summer, fall and spring.  

Approved: Provost Larson (2-10-75)
Effective: Summer Term 1975
Revised: ACUI (5-21-81)
Revised: ACUE (5-5-05)


1. Permission to attend commencement exercises and have the degree(s) earned recognized at a location other than the College granting the degree may be requested by completing a Request for Alternative Commencement Site form (Form O-1) and submitting it to the Graduation Coordinator in the Dean's Office at the degree-granting College. The Graduation Coordinator in that College will then make the request on behalf of the student by submitting the form to the Graduation Coordinator in the Dean's Office at the alternative site College. The alternative site College being asked to consider this request reserves the right to grant or deny approval.

2. If approval is granted, the Graduation Coordinator in the Dean's Office of the alternative site College will notify the student of the approval and update ISIS screen ARUGU. The alternative site College must also provide the student with instructions concerning the commencement ceremony.

3. If the request to graduate at an alternative site is not approved, the Graduation Coordinator in the College Dean's Office denying the request will notify the student and the other College of the denial.

Approved: ACUI (5-29-75)
Revised: ACUI (5-21-81)
Revised: ACUE (5-5-05)

Revised: Editorial (1-17-12)

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