ACUE Articulation Agreement Prospectus

Submission Authority

Each prospectus must be submitted by the college's Associate Dean a minimum of one week prior to the ACUE meeting at which it will be considered. Electronic submission from the Associate Dean creates verification that the document has the college's preliminary support. Prospectuses that do not originate with the Associate Dean cannot be accepted for consideration. An Associate Dean may identify to the Office of Undergraduate Education a staff member who is authorized to submit electronic prospectus forms on her or his behalf.

• Submission Date:

• Associate Dean Submitting This Prospectus:

• Email Address:

• College and Campus:

• Department with responsibility for the program seeking an articulation agreement:

• What institution(s) will be signers to this articulation?

• What is the rationale for the proposed articulation agreement?

• What is the potential impact of the proposed articulation agreement on other programs, colleges, and campuses of the University?

This information will be submitted by email to Jacqueline Edmondson ( and Susan Ake ( Thank you.