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Bachelor of Philosophy Program Application

Section 1: Student Applicant's Information

Section 2: Faculty Mentor Information

Section Three: Academic Objectives

The Bachelor of Philosophy program enables students, working with a faculty mentor, to bring together unique combinations of courses, research, and practice, to produce an individualized degree.  Each Bachelor of Philosophy program of study must provide depth and breadth equivalent to the rigor and the development of a body of knowledge and skill present in traditional majors. 

1)  Please describe your academic goals.  What knowledge and skills do you hope to gain through the Bachelor of Philosophy program?  Are there specific interests, problems to be solved, ways of knowing, or problem-solving approaches to be developed that you want to work with? 

2) Why do you hope to develop an individualized program of study, rather than completing a currently available major?  Please explain the ways in which your academic plan differs from already available majors and why it is preferable.  How would taking a traditional major limit your objectives?

3) What do you want to do after you earn your bachelors degree?   Do your plans include graduate school or professional education in law, medicine, business, engineering or another area of study? 

4) Please provide a proposed semester by semester course plan.  Keep in mind that this semester plan is a draft.  

Section Four: Area of Study

(Describe in your own terms.)




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