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General Preface and Orientation Express Information

Preface and Orientation Express (Your Guide to Welcome Week Activities) content can be found online at


Preface has been designed to introduce students to Penn State University Park campus and help them prepare for arrival. But its scope is not limited to arrival week. Many new students have important concerns that extend far beyond the first day of classes. Therefore, this publication also discusses some of the challenges typically faced by University Park students and provides information about the University's many support services. We hope students will keep Preface as a helpful reference guide throughout their first year.

Preface, in a 42-page, color magazine-format, is printed once a year in July and bulk-mailed approximately one month before arrival day of each semester to the home address of every first-year, advanced-standing, and change-of-campus student. Fifteen thousand copies are printed each year; 12,000 in the fall semester, and 1,500 in the spring semester and second six-week summer session.

Preface topics include:

In addition, there are feature articles regarding educational and personal development, and a welcome to the State College community.

Orientation Express

Orientation Express (Your Guide to Welcome Week Activities), an insert to Preface, is an easy-to-follow listing of the required and optional new-student programs scheduled during Welcome Week and is printed once every semester.

The University offers a wide variety of interesting, informative, and entertaining programs to introduce the academic community. The Orientation Express lists these programs and allows students to quickly identify the programs that have special interest to them.

Orientation Express contains information about:

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