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University Editor Representative Information

University Editor Representatives are responsible for reviewing promotional publications to be sure they meet University publication standards. William Farnsworth serves as the University Editor Representative for Undergraduate Education.

What is a U.Ed. Number?

A University Editor (U.Ed.) Number is required on all promotional materials produced by the University. A U.Ed. Number indicates that the publication has been reviewed, meets University publication standards, and serves as a way of tracking the publications produced by a unit and the specifications of those publications.

What is considered promotional material?

How do I initiate the review process and receive a U.Ed. Number?

When your publication is at its most complete, submit it to the Office for Communication via e-mail or campus mail (to 103 Wagner Building) along with a completed Review Form. Please allow 2-3 days for reviewing. Once the publication has been reviewed you will be contacted with any required changes and the assigned U.Ed. Number. Send three hard-copies of the final publication to 103 Wagner Building. These copies will be kept on file.

How should the University mark appear in my publication?

You will most likely be using the Penn State mark on your publication and it is important that it be used correctly. For information on the correct use of the mark please visit the University Mark page on the University Publications Web site. Please note that when placing the mark on a dark background the special line-art designed for use on dark backgrounds should be used. Do not reverse the solid mark.

What statements are required in my publication?

Three statements are required on promotional publications.

1. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Alternative Format Statement:
This publication is available in alternative media on request.

The alternative format statement must appear in easy-to-read type as a separate paragraph above the statement of nondiscrimination.

2. Nondiscrimination Statement:
The Pennsylvania State University is committed to the policy that all persons shall have equal access to programs, facilities, admission and employment without regard to personal characteristics not related to ability, performance, or qualifications as determined by University policy or by state or federal authorities. It is the policy of the University to maintain an academic and work environment free of discrimination, including harassment. The Pennsylvania State University prohibits discrimination and harassment against any person because of age, ancestry, color, disability or handicap, genetic information, national origin, race, religious creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or veteran status and retaliation due to the reporting of discrimination or harassment. Discrimination, harassment, or retaliation against faculty, staff, or students will not be tolerated at The Pennsylvania State University. Direct all inquiries regarding this Nondiscrimination Policy to the Affirmative Action Director, The Pennsylvania State University, 328 Boucke Building, University Park, PA 16802-5901: tel. 814-863-0471/TTY.

For space consideration, you may use the shorter version:
Penn State is committed to affirmative action, equal opportunity and the diversity of its workforce.

3. ADA Accommodation Statement:
The Pennsylvania State University encourages qualified persons with disabilities to participate in its programs and activities. If you anticipate needing any type of accommodation or have questions about the physical access provided, please contact (insert the name, office address, and office phone number of someone in your area who knows the facility where the event is taking place) in advance of your participation or visit.

This statement is only required if the publication makes reference to a physical place.

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