Specific Academic Advice for Change-of-Campus Students

Where to Find Academic Advising

The question most asked by students relocating from another campus is “How do I find my adviser?” You will learn your assigned adviser’s name at the appropriate college dean’s meeting, or you can find it using Adviser Information on eLion (elion.psu.edu). This assigned adviser is your primary academic advising resource. In addition, each college has an advising center (see www.psu.edu/dus/handbook/upinfo.html for locations). DUS, located in the lobby of Grange Building, provides general advising, and a DUS programs coordinator’s office is located in most colleges.

Web Resources

Find answers to your academic advising questions at advising@psu.edu (www.psu.edu/advising), a comprehensive index to all academic advising information at Penn State. Now that you’re at University Park, you may be trying to find a department, become involved in student activities, apply for a minor, or find out about undergraduate research opportunities. All of this information and more can be found on this site.

Education Abroad

You may earn Penn State credits while studying in foreign countries. Many juniors and seniors participate in these programs. If you would like to study abroad, it’s important to start planning now to meet deadlines and course requirements. Information about study abroad programs is available in 410 Boucke Building and at www.global.psu.edu.

Important Advising Tips

--Talk to an academic adviser about strategies for adjusting to the academic environment of University Park campus. For example, you might experience large classes, new procedures and deadlines, and faculty or advisers who may be accessible only during office hours or by appointment.

--If you are thinking about changing your major, visit DUS in the lobby of Grange Building to discuss your ideas with an academic adviser.

--Expect to take control of and be responsible for your academic program and course-scheduling plans. Use the Bulletin (http://bulletins.psu.edu), Schedule of Courses (schedule.psu.edu), and Advising@PSU (www.psu.edu/advising) to gather information before sitting down with your adviser.

--Try to strike a balance among all of the challenges you will face as a new student at University Park. Be careful not to become overloaded in your first semester by scheduling too many credits, getting heavily involved in extracurricular activities, and/or taking on a part-time job.