Office of Student Conduct

120 Boucke Building, 863-0342

The Office of Student Conduct (OSC) is dedicated to supporting students by maintaining a system that is just, equitable, effective, educational and expeditious; a system that promotes student growth through individual responsibility; and a system in which the success of its educational endeavors is characterized by increased civility. The OSC encourages the expression of diverse views and opinions, validates healthy life choices, and supports the concept of community respect. Programs and services help students become responsible and contributing citizens within Penn State and the local communities. Incoming students should visit our website and take the “Know the Code” Quiz to learn more about what is expected of them as members of the Penn State Community. The OSC also provides a number of workshops during the course of the year on a variety of topics, including the Code of Conduct, decision making, and academic integrity.

Below you will find a link to the Know the Code Quiz. This quiz consists of 14 true-false questions designed to help you see how much you know about the Code of Conduct. As you answer each question, you will be informed of whether or not you answered correctly and will be given additional information about the Code of Conduct or Discipline Process.