Division of Undergraduate Studies

Grange Building, 865-7576


Most students who enter Penn State express some degree of uncertainty about their academic plans. Many need additional time and experience before they can make an appropriate decision about a major or college. Recognizing this, the Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) provides academic advising and enrollment opportunities to help students decide on majors suited to their interests, abilities, and goals.

Students enroll in this division because they prefer to explore several academic programs before choosing a specific major in one of the colleges. In DUS they develop realistic educational plans with the help of professional advisers who are knowledgeable about all Penn State majors.

Exploration through the Division of Undergraduate Studies encourages students to develop self-knowledge, expand their academic potential, and make informed decisions concerning their eventual major fields of study. Working closely with DUS advisers, students can begin to learn processes and skills that will help them make these sound decisions, incorporate new educational experiences into their thinking, and assess what they can expect from their Penn State education.

Through DUS referrals to other Penn State resources, students can confirm their interests and learn to evaluate their special abilities. They may then develop short- and long-term goals, which will facilitate the process of choosing a college or major. They will more likely choose a satisfying college or major, because they have taken the time to examine their options and test the appropriateness of their choices.

The academic advising and information services of the Division of Undergraduate Studies are available even to students who are not enrolled in DUS. All students may request assistance in evaluating their educational plans, exploring major fields, or gathering general information about academic policies and procedures.