Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life

216 HUB-Robeson Center, 863-8065

Fraternities and sororities are very special to the 4,500 student members at the University Park Campus. Penn State now has one of the largest fraternity and sorority communities in the country. Students interested in a Greek-letter organization are invited to stop by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, 216 HUB, or call (814) 863-8065.

Sorority members live in the University residence halls on sorority floors. Each sorority rents a suite of rooms (living area, kitchenette, and workroom) in the same building. Home for a fraternity member is usually a fraternity house located off campus. These houses have individual rooms for members, as well as a large dining room, living room, and recreation areas. Because fraternities and sororities have from 20 to 105 members each, they offer a lifestyle that is often different from that found on a residence hall floor or in an apartment.

Members will tell you about the other benefits of joining a fraternity or sorority. Members are strongly encouraged to achieve academically, develop their leadership abilities, and participate in service projects for the benefit of others, along with their social life. Both fraternities and sororities take pride in their development and perpetuation of many Penn State traditions, including Homecoming, Greek Week, Greek Sing, and the annual IFC-Panhellenic Dance Marathon.

Whatever your interests, there may be a fraternity or sorority for you. The nine historically African-American Greek-letter organizations (of which Penn State has eight) may be of special interest to African/Black American students. There are also a number of fraternities and sororities for those interested in Hispanic, Latin, Asian, Indian, or South Asian culture.

Membership in fraternities and sororities is open to all students. Students interested in joining should consider participating in recruitment activities throughout the year. For more information on recruitment dates and procedures, contact the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life or visit