University Office of Global Programs (UOGP)

410 Boucke Building, 814-865-7681/865-6348

The University Office of Global Programs (UOGP) is the home for international activities at Penn State, overseeing education abroad programs, hosting and welcoming international students, scholars, and visitors to campus, and promoting and facilitating international partnerships and collaborations around the world. The UOGP mission, as stated in its strategic plan for 2009-2013, is "to vigorously support the actualization of Penn State's vision of global leadership in scholarship and international engagement." UOGP serves to support and encourage all members of the Penn State community to pursue a global perspective in their education and in their workplace. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive range of international and intercultural educational opportunities for University faculty, staff, and students alike.

A major growth area for the University Office of Global Programs is the creation of Global Engagement Networks (GENs). The goal of the GEN initiative is to expand and enhance Penn State's international partnerships. It will involve a larger network of partnering institutions around the world, of which Penn State will be the hub. These partnering institutions will form networks, each designed to tackle a critical global challenge of our time. Keeping the University's tripartite mission of teaching, research, and service in mind, the networks will include such varied elements as student, faculty, and staff exchanges, international research collaborations, service learning, and community service opportunities. Through this University-wide approach to international engagements, Penn State will have the potential to propel itself to a position of global leadership. To fulfill this mission, UOGP is structured into four interwoven directorates.

The Directorate of Education Abroad (DEA) is responsible for providing counsel to students interested in studying abroad, creating new study abroad programs, and evaluating the success of current ones. DEA currently offers a diverse array of international academic opportunities for students interested short-term or semester-long study abroad programs. Over 2,500 students participate annually in full-year, fall, spring, and summer semester programs in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Directorate of General Administration and Planning (DGAP) is responsible for strategic resources development, human resources management, technology, and fostering an environment of compliance with University policies. DGAP oversees international strategic initiatives, agreements, and risk analysis and management.

The Directorate of Global Relations and Promotion (DGRP) is responsible for internal and external partnerships including planning, developing, and implementing educational, cultural, and social programs, events, workshops, informational sessions, and public relations initiatives that enhance the overall experience of both international and domestic students and other stakeholders. DGRP oversees UOGP publications, website content, promotional materials and is responsible for dissemination of information. In addition, DGRP handles sponsored student programs, international alumni outreach, special project management, grant writing, and other tasks to further internationalization efforts University-wide.

The Directorate of International Student Advising (DISA) is responsible for all aspects of legal immigration and regulatory matters ensuring compliance with federal regulations mandated by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Currently more than 4,400 international students representing over 120 countries study at Penn State. International student advisers exercise judgment in deciding on appropriate courses of action as they relate to processing employment authorizations, financial verification, reduced course load requests, extension of stay request, reinstatement of status, visa document preparation for dependents, conducting workshops on immigration policies and procedures, and other matters.

UOGP is further supported by finance and administrative subsections that ensure the efficient operation and fiscal soundness of the office.

Please feel welcome to visit our office in 410 Boucke Building and explore ways in which we can work with you to help achieve your goals.