Telephones in the Residence Halls

The Offices of Housing and Residence Life provide phone service only in the hallways and by request for individual rooms. The hallway "courtesy" phones allow students to call on campus, downtown, long distance (with a calling card), and Police Services and 911 in an emergency.

Students living in the residence halls or campus apartments who want landline phone service in their rooms will need to request the service at their area commons desk. In room telephone lines will be restricted to campus and local use. Long distance calls must be made with a personal calling card.

The following instructions will assist you in placing calls from your room phone:

University Park student telephone numbers begin with 862. Faculty and administrative telephone numbers begin with 863, 865, or 867.

For on-campus calls (862, 863, 865, or 867* numbers), dial only the last five digits of the number. For example, if the number is 863-1212, dial 3-1212. *Some 867 numbers outside of Penn State's five-digit dial plan must be dialed as 8-867-xxxx.

For off-campus calls to the local area, dial 8 plus the seven-digit number. If the number is 238-1212, dial 8-238-1212. If the number is 867-1212, dial 8-867-1212.

For long distance, using a toll-free access number, dial 8 + 1 + toll free access number and follow instructions provided by the long distance provider. For long distance, using 1010 access numbers, dial 8 + 1010 + long distance carrier access code.

For additional information about placing calls, call the Penn State Call Center at 5-4700.