Center for Ethics and Religious Affairs

Pasquerilla Spiritual Center-Eisenhower Chapel, 865-6548

The home of the Center for Ethics and Religious Affairs (CERA), the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center-Eisenhower Chapel provides a unique venue for ethical, religious, spiritual, and character development. Known as the largest multi-faith facility of its kind in the country, the Center houses a wide variety of religious/spiritual student organizations and offers spaces for worship services, meetings, and educational/cultural programming and activities.

Penn State supports the principles of religious freedom and believes that religious practice, spiritual inquiry, and holistic development has a place within University life. A wide variety of religious/spiritual expression and practice exists within the University community; however, the University endorses no particular religion or religious/spiritual group. Students who want to participate in religious/spiritual activities are free to select the group or event that best meets their needs. A complete list of religious/spiritual organizations and their activities may be found on the CERA website.