Services for Students

When you think of the University as the community where you'll live for a number of years, you realize that personal and social experiences—as well as academic achievements—contribute to the value of your education. The various programs and services offered by the University can enhance your development in many ways.

These offices assist students with specific concerns about advising, academic skill development, finances, career choice, and study skills. Staff members in the Division of Undergraduate Studies, Residence Life, Career Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, University Health Services, and Student Activities, for example, are concerned with student needs as diverse as academic advising, off-campus living arrangements, health-related issues, and student government. They offer programs tailored to meet the needs of special groups, such as new students, change-of-campus, and transfer students, women students, returning adult students, and students from underrepresented groups.

The academic and student services offer several types of academic advising and counseling, answer requests for general information, and aid you in crises. Staff members have professional training and a working knowledge of the University. Sometimes students are selected and trained to supplement the activities of the professional staff.

Offices for the various programs and services are described in this section. All phone numbers are in the 814 area code unless otherwise noted.