Union and Student Activities (USA)

237 HUB-Robeson Center, 863-9755


The Hetzel Union Building (HUB) and Paul Robeson Cultural Center serve as community centers for enriching the lives of the diverse populations at University Park campus. Within these centers, students, faculty, staff, student organizations, alumni, visitors, and guests of the University engage in cultural, recreational, educational, informational, and social activities. The student union provides the services, conveniences, and amenities that members of the University desire as part of their daily campus routines. Through the efforts of various student organizations, programming groups, planning committees, and professional staff, both facilities are ideal settings in which leisure-time activity becomes a cooperative partner in the educational process. The centers' services and programs are unifying forces in the University, helping to cultivate lifelong identification with the institution.

Visual art galleries showcase the talents and spirit of distinguished artisans. Exhibits reflect the scholarly and creative achievements and research of students and faculty. The USA Center for Arts and Crafts provides the opportunity to develop new, and enhance, existing skills. A variety of lounges and meeting rooms are comfortable and convenient respites for those seeking a quiet place to study, meet with friends, and take a welcome rest during a hectic schedule. Information desks are the hearts of both centers, offering conveniences that include newspaper and magazine lending services, public telephones for local calls, photocopying machines, up-to-date calendars of events, campus maps, and bus and class schedules. Courteous staff members can answer almost any question related to the location of student organizations, academic and administrative offices, and services at University Park campus. Please visit www.studentaffairs.psu.edu/HUB and www.studentaffairs.psu.edu/cultural to stay abreast of our ever changing programs and activities.