Veterans Programs

325 Boucke Building, 863-0465

Counseling is one of the services available to veterans and recipients of VA benefits through this office. The counselors advise students on all VA benefits for veterans, those on active duty, National Guard members, reservists, and dependents of veterans. Other services include academic, financial, and personal counseling, and emergency loans.

Before moving to University Park campus, contact the certification officer at your campus. Ask that the VA certification forms be forwarded to University Park Campus to ensure uninterrupted payment of your benefits. Contact the office to verify that the paperwork has arrived. We also suggest you check in with the veterans counselor as soon as possible.

Student veterans have organized the Penn State Veterans Organization (PSUVO). If you'd like to get involved in their social, political, sports, or service activities, attend one of their biweekly meetings, or visit their website at