Information for Portal Content Providers

Providing content in the Portal can help you spread your message to the Penn State community from one, centralized place. Noted below are ways in which you can customize your own Portal splash screen and/or build Portal channels.

Create a Customized Splash Screen

If you need to target your audience with certain information, then a customized splash screen can help you achieve this goal. Rather than use the Portal's default splash screen, you can arrange specific content and provide it to a pre-determined range of machines by creating a customized splash screen to quickly and effectively deliver your message before users login to the Portal.

How to Create a Customized Splash Screen

Creating a customized splash screen is easy provided that the following items are provided to

  1. A layout of channels, which already exist in the Portal, that you wish to include on your splash screen, provided that the content of the channels is not restricted.
  2. A list of IP addresses for the machines on which the splash screen will display. The Portal will review the list of addresses everytime the splash screen and when a match is found the specified splash screen layout will be returned.
  3. Your cooperation in keeping your content information up-to-date. This also will help to keep your target audience engaged.

Create Your Own Channels

The easiest way to build your own content for the Portal is to use the Portal's built-in content provision tool, the RSS Generator. For information and instructions, refer to the "Penn State Portal Content Provider Tools" section of this Web site.

The three most popular ways in which most of our content providers offer content through the Portal:

Types of Channels

Channel types and stats are as follows:

If you have content that you would like to provide for the Portal and it differs from the content types outlined above, please contact for information.

Regardless of the channel type(s) you wish to provide, we ask that you first contact with the following information:

Similarly, if you plan to create channels via the RSS Generator, please provide the following to

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