Team # 103 -- College of Engineering CQI Team for Industry/University Interfaces
College of Engineering

April 1994


To improve student/faculty/industry relationships.

Team Membership

  • Richard Swails, Sponsor
  • Richard McNitt, Leader/Facilitator

Results Achieved to Date

  • Recommendations:

    The College of Engineering should proceed to do the following in order to enhance student/industry communications and interactions:
    Establish a COE electronic bulletin board.

    Establish an electronic "Resume Book" for PSU COE students and alumni.

    Create an interactive student/faculty/industry bulletin board.

    To enhance the ability of faculty to seek research funding and interaction with industry, faculty members should be empowered to enter into meaningful contract negotiations, in particular: the University should provide each faculty with sample contracts and empower them to decide for themselves patent issues, delayed publication clauses, royalty arrangements, in the field. Some members of the committee do not agree to this level of empowerment, as they believe the University protects faculty from potential legal problems, informing faculty regarding new regulations, etc. However, other have also noted that it is the departments of the faculty that shoulder ultimate financial responsibility, in the event contract monies are not forthcoming, thus the decisions should be made at the department level.

    Further, to enhance the "financial interface" between faculty, the university, and industry, the University should: Appoint and clearly identify to all, key contact personnel that have authority to interact and debug financial interactions between PSU and Industry.

    The committee encourages expansion of the Associate Dean for Research's success in setting up a-priori arrangements with keystone corporations in order that future contracts be brought to the University as simple task orders.

    Finally, we recommend the College consider several best practice concepts from other universities, including:
    Corporate Liaison Program (Georgia Tech)
    Economic Development Institute (EDI) (Georgia Tech)

    New Manufacturing Institute (Georgia Tech)
    New Faculty introduction to State Industry (Michigan State)
    Continuing Education Initiatives (Purdue)
    Faculty Owned Business Initiatives (Purdue)




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