Team # 246 -- Parking Operations Permit Distribution Process Improvement Team
Finance and Business

July 1997


To improve the parking permit distribution process.

Team Membership

  • Betty Roberts, Sponsor
  • Teresa Davis, Leader
  • Kurt Gehlert, Facilitator

Results Achieved to Date

  • Faculty/staff receive reminder notice instead of "threatening" official letter
  • Outside vendors receive card with information on number of spaces and where they can park at initial meeting with facility personnel, which is turned into parking office to receive permits
  • Students will receive a smaller form in the mail (decrease postage costs from $1.00 to $0.32 each, saving $3400 annually)
  • With the completion of the HUB addition, 65% more spaces were added and doubled the traffic count in the building (18-19K per day to 38-40K per day). While the maintenance staff was increased to support the additional space, operations and programming staff increased by only 25%.




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