Team # 364 -- Dairy Market Outlook Web Site
College of Agricultural Sciences

February 2000


A Web site was designed to help PA dairy farmers and industry access rapidly changing market and policy information. This site explains the complex world of milk marketing and assists PA farmers with electronic market planning tools.

Team Membership

  • David Blandford, Sponsor
  • Ken Bailey, Leader/Facilitator
  • Bob Conn, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • A market summary is posted to the website every Friday by 5 pm to provide marketing trends that may affect profitability
  • The website has received 35,400 hits to the homepage since August 1999
  • A major focus of the website in the future will be to develop a quarterly economic model for forecasting supply, demand and prices for milk and dairy products
  • A second focus will be on integrating risk management tools such as forward contracting, hedging, and options trading into the website




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