Team # 413 -- Improving the FTCAP Information Session: Seven Years of Assessment and Re-design (So Far)
Finance and Business

February 2001


This team developed an instructional design process to develop academic materials on the Internet for incoming first-year students. Members of the FTCAP Information Session Team have been meeting for seven years to improve the program. The team recently developed more pedagogically sound methods for teaching students via the Internet. The process included pilot testing student use of these sites and gathering data about learning outcomes for evaluation and modification purposes. The team has progressed through the instructional design process of needs assessment design (with special emphases on the learning process), development and revision, implementation, and evaluation (both formative and summative).

Team Membership

  • Eric White, Sponsor
  • Judith Goetz, Leader
  • Terry Musser, Facilitator
  • Joyce Buck, Member
  • Ruth Hussey, Member
  • Diane Leos, Member
  • Wes Lipschultz, Member
  • Tammy Russell, Member
  • Marion Schwartz, Member

Results Achieved to Date




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