Team # 418 -- Web-Based Technology Training

February 2001


To increase the availability of information technology training opportunities for all of Penn State's faculty, staff and students.

Team Membership

  • Gary Augustson, Sponsor
  • Robin Anderson, Leader
  • Sandy Ball, Member
  • Bill Flenner, Member
  • Dot Green, Member
  • John Harwood, Member
  • Rachel Miller, Member
  • Karen Peters, Member
  • David Piltz, Member
  • Kim Ripka, Member
  • April Sheninger, Member
  • Beth Trimble, Member
  • Scott Weaver, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • April 2001: Web-Based Training 1) provides technology tutorials via the WWW; 2) is available to faculty, staff and students; 3) provides self-directed and self-paced skills development; 4) provides anywhere/ any time learning; 5) provides over 750 tutorials ready and waiting.
  • April 2001: Goals of WBT are to 1) raise the level of IT skills across the University; 2) provide no-cost professional and personal development; 3) support the University's strategic plan to: "improve cost efficiencies," "improve administrative efficiencies through greater use of technology," and "increase use of technology as a learning tool."




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