Team # 425 -- Improving the Quality of Workshop and Outreach Programming offered by the Office of Health Promotion and Education

February 2001


Based on 3 strategic planning goals, the Office of Health Promotion and Education engaged in a two part process of reviewing and revising workshop and outreach programming conducted with Penn State students.

Team Membership

  • University Health Services Quality Improvement Committee, Sponsor
  • Linda LaSalle, Leader
  • Angela Ablorh-Odjidja, Member
  • Susan Kennedy, Member
  • Diana Rodriguez, Member
  • Holly Sowell, Member
  • Nathan Thomas, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • April 2001: Mission is to provide quality health education opportunties to students based on individual and community needs. The program strives to increase awareness and knowledge of health issues, promote health, facilitate harm reduction, and influence community and organizational policies and norms that support healthy choices.
  • Goal: improve quality of programming by integrating theory, data and multiculturalism into workshops and outreach efforts.
    Programs: Alcohol Intervention Program; Cross Cultural Health Program; HealthWorks; HIV Testing and Counseling; Nutrition Clinic; S-Plan.




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