Team # 468 -- Online IST: Building the Complete Online Curriculum
School of Information Sciences and Technology

January 2002


The Solution Institute provides a suite of online courses designed to support the Commonwealth-wide Iinformation Sciences and Technology (IST) curriculum. These courses focus on the core of the IST undergraduate curriculum. All courses are delivered from a central location, maintained by the IST Solutions Institute. Faculty members from all 20 Commonwealth campuses, as well as resident faculty utilize a suite of customizable tools at the Solutions Exchange to register, deliver, and administer their students' learning experience.

Team Membership

  • Cole Camplese, Member
  • Charlie DuBois, Member
  • Malena Moore, Member
  • Barton Pursel, Member
  • Eric Zeisloft, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • May 2002: Online IST is made up of a series of IST courses, which have been designed and developed to allow an instructor to teach from a standard course structure. Each of the courses has been designed to allow for instructors to customize the offering to fit their individual needs. The Online IST courses have been constructed to utilize three main components:
    1. Course Content Interface
    2. Course Roadmap
    3. Course Communication Space
  • To learn more about the Online IST Components, visit:




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